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Weekly Photos 28/52 and Purple.

Last week was spent mostly swimming and watching the sunflowers start to bloom.  The giant sunflowers have no blooms yet and are over 6 feet tall, the flowers are on the slightly shorter plants.  It is lovely to see how they change every day.

We have had hot dogs and s’mores over the fire pit and even some marshmallow roasting over the hob when my youngest told my teen that he is a ‘professional cooker’ as he toasted the marshmallows!  I love it when the kids say daft things to each other and always make a note in the diary!

Did you see the full moon on Saturday night?  So cool.  As it rose behind a huge tree the silhouetted leaves made the moon appear to shimmer and sparkle behind them as they gently rustled in the breeze with the moonlight seeping through.  We stood and watched it, mesmerised, the moon was so pretty and we caught it at just the right moment.  I wish I had video to share, but none of my visual appliances would capture it, so we just watched and remembered.

The week’s colour as part of Color/Colour Lovers project  was purple, I only managed a couple.

Color/Colour Purple

A sunflower over a week

GI Joe

Young green tomatoes


1.  Purple.  Color/colour lovers project.

2.  A week in the life of a sunflower.

3. GI Joe in the bathroom, hanging out after a shower.

4. Tomatoes growing well.

5.  Is this not the best snail mail ever!  From Naomi at Naomi Loves.  She paints and draws on all of her mail which you get when you subscribe to her blog.  Beautiful.

Have a lovely week!


    • Thanks Jen! I know where to send all my GI Joe heads when we no longer need them and rip them all off to make zombie GIs!

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