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I have new business cards.

Since I changed my blog over to Girl Fifteen, I have not updated my biz cards with all of my new info,
I have now!
I also use the cards to tag my jewels when they go off to customers.  They are a matt finish, so I can write little extra notes on if I need to.
image image

This is the first time I have used the Instagram square style in a card and I really like them. I got them printed at Moo which is usually where I get my cards made.   I punch holes in them to hang lovely earrings (these are for the school principal, I hope she likes them!).  To be honest, I planned to make them all different photos, but I messed that up!  Having said that, I quite like that they all have the photo of the statue of Saint Louis with some amazing clouds taken at the St Louis Art Museum a couple of months ago.

Do you use business cards?  Isn’t it difficult to decide what exactly needs to go on there, not every social media hang out, but not just a website either?


  1. I desperately need to update my business cards as I am running out of my old ones I use for my etsy shop and for markets. I love the square Instagram style ones! I might have to put in a rush order before my gallery market in three weeks! x

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