My Style, NaBloPoMo 2014
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What I am wearing in the cold today.



It has got cold this past couple of days, November has shown us a glimpse of winter and there is a rumour that it might snow on Saturday, how exciting!  I love snow, as long as I don’t have to go far.

So, I have pulled out my trusty coat with the furry collar and cuffs, again.  Now, this smashing coat is a winter staple in my wardrobe and has been for fourteen, yes fourteen years!  Which tells you that it is a classic or that I have not moved on in the clothing department and I am still stuck in nineteen ninety somewhere.

When I bought it, I was pregnant with my now thirteen year old and I had some jewels on sale at the local University student union.  I was no longer a student, but they had stalls every Friday, so one week I booked one and here I was.  I felt sick and pregnant and didn’t want to be there one tiny bit, but I had seen this coat in a local shop and I wanted the coat.  So I stuck out the sale until I had made seventy five pounds which was the price of this garment I so coveted.   As soon as my goal was achieved, I high tailed it out of there (sorry Uni, for leaving early!), dropped my stuff off at home and walked into Nottingham to get my coat.  It got me through a pregnant winter of 2000 and I still love it today!

I wish that photo was a scratch and sniff because the lavender still smells fantastic!

Coat – Roxy by Quiksilver, Skirt – Goodwill, Boots – Timberland, Watering can – Home Depot.



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