NaBloPoMo 2014, Photography, Through The Lens Thursday
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Through the Lens Thursday 46. Shine.

TTLT 46 ShineThis week’s Through the Lens Thursday prompt is ‘Shine’, so as soon as the sun started to shine through our stained glass windows I grabbed the camera and snapped away.  As I was looking at the pictures, I got the feeling I had done this before.  So I looked back at previous TTLT weeks and there it was, week 8 ‘Window‘.  Time to re-think this week’s picture then.

Sunshine I thought, that will be a good ‘Shine’ subject, look up at cloudy skies…..

The shower was dripping, so I went to make sure it was properly turned off and there it was, all shiny!  So I gave it a quick wipe over and made sure it wasn’t still dripping.

I got into the shower, assumed a strange lunge position directly under it, said a little prayer to the plumbing gods that it not drip onto my camera and snapped this picture.  I like that I am reflected in the shower head and I like that you can’t see the pained look on my face as I try to hold still!

Next week is ‘Gloom’.

Happy Thursday!


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