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‘I like’ Fridays.

Happy Friday!  I hope your day is going wonderfully.  Here is what I am liking today –

Stocking/Advent calendar fillers. I was very happy to find these cool arrowheads today which I can pop into the Advent calendar for the boys or use a stocking filler.

Making jewelry. This is a lovely long, wood necklace I have just made, all ready to go into my Etsy store. These really long necklaces are one of my favourites at the minute, they go with everything and can be worn long or wrapped two or even three times around your neck.  I picked the flowers as I walked home this week from doing some Christmas shopping.  Pretty weeds!

CatsEatDogs necklace and flowers

DIY lip balm. I am looking forward to making some lip balm soon, I want to use herby flavours like Basil and Parsley and Lemongrass.  Sound good?  I think so!  There is a recipe to follow in this fab post by Tiny Rotten Peanuts.  I always see the DIY ‘beauty’ products, but never actually make them, I fancy whipping up some delicious scrubs too as seen at Mama Nourish.  Maybe this will be the year I will make them!

Spotify. I know I am late to the Spotify party, but I am a convert, my teen is the Spotify expert but he has allowed me a little playlist of my own!!!  Ha ha ha, I am going to take it over with cool Mum music in no time…..

Roasting vegetables.  I love roast veg, especially butternut squash, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and always a whole garlic bulb in there.  They are delicious as a side or add a jar of curry sauce and you have a dinner.  Ta da!

See you tomorrow for ‘Six Word Saturday’.



  1. I’ve always wanted to make DIY lipbalm but have only got as far as a body balm – it was pretty good though! Love all those things, especially the necklace and spotify playlist!

  2. Roasted vegetables are like, the perfect food. EVERY single person in my family loves roasted cauliflower. That’s unheard of. Also, I love that necklace! I’m going to go check out your etsy shop.

    • Roast cauliflower is the only way I like it! I have that necklace available, just not in the shop yet. Thanks for your order, I am excited to send the pendant to you!

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