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Through The Lens Thursday 2015. 1/52 New.

TTLT #1 New


Happy 2015 to you!

I am so pleased that Through The Lens Thursday is continuing through 2015.  I left today’s a little late, because we went on a lovely hike.

The prompt is ‘New’, so I took a photo of myself with my film camera (Minolta X-370, if you have any clue how to use it, do let me know!) and a new lens to try.  The camera is not new, it is circa 1984, but what is new is my experience using it.  Even when 35mm cameras were all that was available, I only had a point and shoot, not a manual.  I am using Through The Lens Thursday to improve my manual camera skills on all platforms!

I have taken a film with the regular lens, but I haven’t collected it yet, so I don’t know if I am managing to get anything at all in focus.  I took my second film today (technically my third, but I failed to wind the first film on properly and ended up with a whole lot of no photos from that one…oopsie..) and I decided to be brave and use the macro lens which I also received when I was given the camera.

Never in my whole life have I used any lens apart from the one which came with the camera, so I could have 24 completely out of focus photos from this roll of film.  I do hope some were successful, I found lots of cool lichen on our hike, and I tried a close up portrait of my youngest son which might be a beauty.

I hope you had a fabulous first day of the year x


  1. Hi Clare, I am going to join in this year but a little slow off the mark. I have to learn how to shoot more technically as well, how much fun is a new lens to play with!

    • Yes, you must join in Lisa, there is no pressure and the weekly practice is great. A new lens is great, I still haven’t seen the photos from it though, so fingers crossed.

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