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One + Four = Life. Weekly Photos 46/52

Weekly photos, fresh bread

Digging the garden

Tennis ball and shadow

November Sketchbook Magic. Leaves

1. It is soup and fresh bread season!  Hurrah, I love making soup and of course the bread to dunk in it.

2. All the tomato and aubergine plants have been pulled out of the raised beds and I have started to dig them over and add in a pile of compost.  The weekend was lovely and sunny and today it has rained all day so far with no sign of dry on the near horizon. Oh well at least the compost will get watered into the soil and the leaves will mulch down nicely.

3. More tennis this weekend, we like to play in the handball courts, bouncing the balls off the three walls.  Kind of tennis crossed with squash with a healthy dose of giggling thrown in.

4. I have been keeping up with a 30 day sketchbook challenge with Skillshare and day 13 was ‘leaves’.  I used my lovely sumi brush and gouache paint to quickly sketch the leaves I picked up in the woods that day.

Did you have a good week?  I hope so.  I have been thinking about Christmas baking and I need to get my ingredients together this week for Christmas cake and mincemeat for mince pies.  Are you prepping for Christmas yet or are you rolling your eyes right now at the very mention of it?!

I wonder if it will stop raining this week?  It looks pretty settled in to me.


  1. I am starting to think about Christmas, Clare. Need to start some shopping. Harder as the kids get older and their ideas for pressies dry up! I love soup. I would happily live on it!

  2. That bread looks so delicious. As do the leaves! How nice to play tennis crossed with squash with your boys. I wish I had a veggie garden. Yes, Christmas ain’t far off now. A cafe that I often go to has started playing Christmas carols, so that says something. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone at Christmas. My usual gift for family is to make Florentines and give them to people on cute op-shop plates, but we’ll see if that happens this year 🙂 x

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