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One + Four = Life, Weekly photos 48/52.

Lone Elk State Park, MO

Turtles at Lone Elk Park, MO

Birthday card

Vintage record player

1. On Thursday it was Thanksgiving and my birthday, the weather was beautiful, so we went into the outside and hiked around Lone Elk Park.  We saw elk and deer and lots of woodpeckers!

2. As we walked around Lone Elk Park we stopped for coffee and tea from flasks by the side of the lake and watched the turtles sunbathing on a log peeking out of the lake.

3. Roses and birthday cards!  Yay for birthdays.

4. This weekend, we scored this funky monkey record player from an antique mall.  It works and came with the single on it!  All of my records are in the UK, so I will need to get on the look out for records to play, hello Goodwill!

I am joining in with Isabel at Nanjing Nian for this week’s One+Four=Life, check out her fab blog for an insight into life as a western student in China.

The kids had a very short school week  because of the Thanksgiving break, they had Wednesday through Friday off.  We watched movies – ‘Shaun the Sheep’ and ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’  and we baked some Christmas cake and made some mincemeat for mince pies.

December starts tomorrow!  Happy Monday x


  1. Woodpeckers and elk! We’d be taking masses of photos! Not something we see in Australia. We have so many photos of squirrels from when we’ve spied them on holidays to the UK and US. Gorgeous flowers your birthday. What a good idea moving to the US so you can have a holiday for your birthday x

    • We got some snaps of the elk, but the woodpeckers are too quick and far away! Lots of squirrels in my garden, cheeky little things. Thankfully my birthday doesn’t always fall on Thanksgiving as the date changes (of Thanksgiving) every year. So no turkey next year for my birthday!

  2. yay for birthdays! sounds like a nice birthday week! did you have birthday cake too or candles on a pumpkin pie?
    hahaaa i had that record! nearly wore a hole in it!

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