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Get Messy Art Journal. Art 101. Week Five.



Half magazine and half drawing.


Ten Daffodils.


Go with the flow, gestural yoga drawings.


All I needed for this week’s art journal pages  was this simple folded journal and the ideas from the Get Messy Art Journal members blog. I had other plans for journal pages but I was completely smitten by this journal idea and wanted to fill it up (yes I know it only has a handful of pages!!).

To make the journal, I used a page from the giant dictionary I bought a couple of weeks ago at an estate sale.  I like that it has pictures in with the print of the dictionary and I didn’t deliberately pick the page with ‘positive’, but I am pleased I ended up with it.  To be honest I pulled this page because I liked the Portuguese man o’ war jellyfish illustration which is on the daffodil page.

This was a fun project and I have a full journal!

Happy Thursday x


  1. sashazeen says

    I absolutely love that you used a dictionary pagw for this! And that youga page must be my all time favorite! Love the freedom and movement in those lines!

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