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Old photos and why I think they are fabulous.

I started collecting old photos one at a time, carefully selecting each one.  As I have carried on gathering other people’s family photos, my greatest finds are a box or an envelope full  of photos to explore.  An ancient album from the turn of the century to marvel at the fashions and cars of the time is a happy few minutes of browsing for me.

I just love to look at the characters in the photos and where the photos were taken, some photos I have are from the St Louis area and it is cool to see landmarks then and now.

This group is so full of characters, I wonder who or what they are all looking at. I feel like this picture is a novel waiting to be written.

“Don and me” written in biro on the front of the photo. I want those silver sandals!

I love the photos with the cars of the time and the way people took the photos to highlight the vehicles.

Two meals at the same table look like the staging for a painting! I think it is the same family, different decade.

“The three Dudes” are Uncle Sid, Owen-brother and Lance-cousin.

This cigarillo box contains photos from 1914-1935.  Most are written on the back with names and locations.

I like to use these photos as they are in my art journals, I will staple or stick them in and use them as part of a page.  I always think I want to draw or write on them, but I have not had much success with this.

To be honest I get equal pleasure from just browsing through the photos I have and wondering who these people were and what their lives were like.

Happy Monday and happy collecting whatever it is you gather!

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  1. studioonthecorner says

    Love this post. I too love old photos & see a story in each one. I’m dismayed that families dispose of such treasures, but happy that there are people, like you, who see the images as wonderful treasures. The photo of the couple who like they’re heading to the prom is wonderful. I wonder what color that dress is…I think pink.

    Have a wonderful day!

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