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The 100 day project 2019

What to do when you can literally do anything, for 100 days? I have been deciding what to do for this year’s 100 day Project.

100 yoga poses?

100 found poems?

100 altered playing cards?

100 altered vintage photos?

These are some of the ideas which have swum in and out of my mind, I decided found poems might be boring after about 27 and I did playing cards a few years ago.

I enjoyed the cards project best out of all of my 100 day collections, so I decided to use them again but with other ephemera. ‘100 altered vintage pieces of ephemera’ will be my 100 day project for 2019.   I can use playing cards, flash cards, book pages, book covers, rolodex cards, business cards, library catalogue cards, vintage photos et al.

I will allow myself to sketch on, paint on, collage on, stamp on and cut up the ephemera of the day. I will mark make, write words, splash ink and stick down stuff!

In 100 days I should have a nice collection.

Are you doing the 100 day project this year?  What are you doing?  Or are you still deciding?

Happy Tuesday x


  1. Christina Cloud says

    Cool idea! I’m thinking I would like to try it but I might not be able to keep up, but if I did do it I think I would love to do playing cards or vintage ephemera on any small surface of that general size. It would make it easier to keep up with! Have fun!

    • Do what you can, if you miss a day or two, don’t worry about it! I did 100 days of altered playing cards a few years ago and I loved it, they are the perfect size.

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