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Project 365 Photos 1 – 3



The first week of the Click it Up a Notch 365 Project was a short one as we started on November 1st which was Friday, so only three photos this week.

1/365.  My very first photo taken with my camera on manual.  I love this reel of thread, remember when I found it in the box of sewing equipment at a basement sale?    The fact that it is even in focus makes me a happy girl!

2/365.  This blue and peeling door is part of the Lemp Brewery building in downtown St Louis.  I took this on my iPhone 4, no filters, just a crop.

3/365.  I was looking at the bright yellow tree above this ‘paint’ (it is coloured water in an old tin, mixed up by my youngest!) when I noticed the reflection.  It took a few goes before I got a good image of the tree in the blue paint.

I am looking forward to this year of photos.  I have completed the themed photo a day challenges before, but this one should ensure that I learn to use my camera.  Most of the daily photos I have taken before have been taken on my phone.

Do you default to your phone more than you should?  Does it matter?  I use the same apps or Photoshop to edit camera photos and phone photos.  Do you edit lots?

Whatever happened to snapping a great shot and not messing about with it afterwards?   A whole other challenge I think!


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