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CatsEatDogs Earthy Heart pendant

20131105-125902.jpg Do you have an earthy heart? I think I do, I like being outdoors, running, walking anywhere – to the library, to school, to the gym, wandering through the little wooded area at the end of our street or hiking a hilly trail.  I don’t even care if it is raining or snowing although I am not a fan of frying under the hot sun.
While I am outside I am gathering colours and textures. Taking photos, gathering acorns and empty acorn cups or vibrant leaves to press flat and crisp when I get home. I am always finding pressed leaves in the diary or in one of my fat notebooks which I have kept from the year or years past. Crispy but still vibrant leaves tucked into the pages for future discovery.

20131105-130456.jpg In this heart, I have used some earth colours without making it a season specific piece. I don’t want to be told when I can wear a piece of jewelry by making it too Autumny or holiday specific, so I am not going to tell you either. No holiday jewelry will be made by me, sorry Santa you are not coming onto one of my necklaces, nor you Miss Halloween witch!

I am not a fan of occasion/season/holiday specific jewelry, so I like to make and wear versatile little numbers which will go anywhere with anyone and make them happy.

I want you to wear sparkles with jeans and leather with ball gowns.  Be you, be fabulous and wear what makes you happy!


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