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Photo a day 2014 January

20140106-102412.jpg 1. Lunch

20140106-102451.jpg 2. Begins with G.  Gloves.

20140106-102521.jpg 3. My town

20140106-102555.jpg 4. Word to live by

20140106-102620.jpg 5. Found.  A snow covered path.

20140107-162403.jpg 6. Happens everyday.  Something gets made.

20140107-162425.jpg 7. Upside down

20140131-095844.jpg 8. Lucky number. Warmer temps.

20140131-095928.jpg 9. Natural

20140131-100016.jpg 10. Man made.  New CatsEatDogs necklaces.

20140131-100059.jpg 11. Looking down

20140131-100142.jpg 12. Colourful

20140131-100318.jpg 13. Makes me smile. Rescuing a discarded Poinsettia.

20140131-100425.jpg 14. 3 Things

20140131-100519.jpg 15. Black and White

20140131-100552.jpg 16. Sun

20140131-100626.jpg 17. Tiny

20140131-100706.jpg 18. Happy place

20140131-100747.jpg 19. Breakfast

20140131-100820.jpg 20. To do list

20140131-100906.jpg 21. Blue

20140131-101017.jpg 22. Nice!  Nest by CatsEatDogs with rose quartz.

20140131-101052.jpg 23. Bedtime

20140131-101133.jpg 24. Your space

20140131-101242.jpg 25. A taste of summer/winter

20140131-101331.jpg 26. Fun stuff

20140131-101410.jpg 27. I bought this

20140131-101439.jpg 28. Dinner

20140131-101509.jpg 29. Window

20140131-101546.jpg 30. Best invention ever. The iPhone and hair dye!

20140131-102726.jpg 31. Polka dot

January saw the Polar Vortex and we still have some snow melting very slowly in our front garden.  I started reading ‘The Flamethrowers’ and stopped and I started reading ‘Life after Life’ and stopped.  I need a book I like!  Maybe I will find one in February.

I ate Dim Sum which is my absolute favourite in the world.  We made splatter pictures outside on the one warm (ish) day of the month and we played lots of ‘Zooreka’.

Photo a day is hosted by Fat Mum Slim, do you play?  It’s fun, you should.

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