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Things I have been doing this past week.

Baby tomatoes

This has been the first week of school summer holidays for us because we have been away for two weeks. It has rained and rained which brings slightly cooler temperatures, but along with it lots of wet which rules out outside stuff. So I have been snarling at computer games a lot and rejoicing when someone wants to play a human game like ‘Othello’ or some drawing gets done!

I have kept up with ‘My Fitness Pal’ on my phone which hasn’t been as much as a chore as I thought it would be. It is certainly an eye opener though, where those calories are hiding. Blimey. I have never been a calorie counter, so I am watching carefully.  I am guilty of ‘saving’ calories on some days so that I can have a beer or a glass of wine, but I have been keeping to my quota which I am pleased with.  I wonder if it will work?  I only want to lose a few pounds, so fingers crossed.

I have also been to the Y lots and keeping up with my workout classes which is an essential part of my week. On Thursday I went to yoga as usual and decided to take a less muddy path through the woods. Remember all the rain, well, the woods was a mud pit and a ‘less muddy path’ was really not an option!  This route turned out to be a mistake as I gracefully slid down a little hill and ended up sitting in mud with my ‘saving myself’ hand completely caked in wet sloppy, drippy mud. I got up, had a little swear and decided to carry on to yoga class with a muddy butt and a very muddy left hand. I washed my hands, held my head high as I walked through a gym full of kids, and went to class.  Thank goodness yoga is taught with the lights out and I use my own mat!

On the upside, the universe decided to be a little kinder to me on the way home and I spotted a great big turtle sitting in the creek enjoying the rain and then a toad hopped across my path as I slugged back though the woods, still in the pouring rain!

This week, I borrowed a few books from the library to get me drawing and sketching, so I am looking forward to opening up my sketchbook and getting inspiration from ’20 Ways to Draw a Tree’ by Eloise Renouf, ‘Pinterest Perfect’  and ‘Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Faces’ which is chock full of funny face ideas!

Since it has rained all day every day this week, the garden is growing like mad and I am reaping the rewards almost daily.  I pop out (in the rain) and snip a bowl full of leaves for a salad.  I have kale, arugula, beets and spinach which is a delicious combination.

I hope you had a lovely week and have a very fab weekend planned.  It is supposed to stop raining here for the weekend, so that is exciting!


  1. your summer is sounding productive, creative and healthy!

    i’ve been eating fresh greens from our balcony garden. nothing better than a handful of fresh!

    • Now it has stopped raining for a day or two, we might be able to get outside more! That is until it is too hot….

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