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Weekly Photos 20/52








1.I haven’t spotted as many mushrooms this year as usual, but I was impressed by this little cluster which I managed to snap as the dog was trying to pull me away to carry on with her walk!

2 & 3.Our local library hosts a reading club every summer, kids, teens and adults each have their own and this weekend was time to sign up. They set up a kick off party at the firehouse where we had hotdogs and cake before signing up for a summer of reading and prizes.  I stood on my tippy toes and got a few photos of the fire equipment and I thought these helmets looked ready for action.

4.I haven’t planted as much in the garden this year as I would like, but I am so happy that everything has started to grow. This is a pot of coriander/cilantro.

5. The banana pepper is thriving!

6. I was overjoyed to see my first sweet pea flower.

7. The hydrangea flowers are done for now, so I deadheaded them in the hope that we might get some more.

8. I bought a shiny new watercolor set to take on holiday, I have dreams of sitting on the beach and sketching.

School is out on Thursday and the summer break begins!  Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

Happy Monday x



  1. That is an excellent cluster of mushrooms! And how beautiful are the hydrangea heads? They are beautiful whether freshly blooming or in their drying state – so papery and delicate.

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