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The 100 Day Project 2017. 100 Days of Creative Ideas.


The 100 Day Project is almost upon us for 2017 and I am looking forward to participating again this year.

To achieve a hundred days of anything in a straight line is a marvelous thing and it is a proud moment when you are done and you have the body of work finished.

In previous years I have made 100 mandalas and 100 altered cards and thoroughly enjoyed them both.

This year I am going to write and sketch 100 creative ideas and I will be logging them onto Instagram under the hashtag #100daysofcreativeideas.

I had to deliberate over how to present the ideas (when I come up with them!).  Options were – a sketchbook with 100 pages to work on, a handmade book which I could make with 100 pages or individual cards of some description.

In the end I decided to use 100 vintage book order cards I found at an estate sale in an old school here in St Louis.  I counted to make sure there were 100 cards and they are now put to one side all ready to begin 100 ideas on April 4th 2017.


Are you doing The 100 Day Project this year?  Have you done it before?  How did it go? Feel free to share your hashtag so that I can follow along.

Happy Thursday x


  1. What a find! I am not very creative, I often try and make things but get disappointed when they don’t turn out. However I enjoy knitting

    • It was such a great sale, I got lots of paper to paint and sketch on! I have a knitting project and a crochet blanket on the go and I need to get to them before I forget how it’s done!!

  2. I haven’t done the !00 day project before, but usually catch it mid-swing and too late to join in. I’m SO GLAD you’ve mentioned it before it begins so I can ponder joining it myself. Thank you! I think your take on it this year will be super interesting. I’m totally looking forward to it. And those book request cards are fab. Enjoy the process, and thanks again for the heads up!!

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