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Weekly Photos 2017. 11/52








1.  Once the snow stopped early last week, we were out treasure hunting and found among others, this old ink bottle.  A week later, today is 90 degrees!

2. On a different hunt we found some smaller bits and bobs like this tiny metal tennis racquet, a 1939 penny and a good luck token.

3.  At the weekend we went to a rather fabulous estate sale at an old school in the Central West End neighborhood of St Louis.

4.  It was like they shut the doors in 1973 and walked away!

5. I wish they had nooks like this at my school.  I didn’t buy the $3.00 cushion! I will be writing a post later this week detailing what I did buy.

6. We found this pretty lady’s head in the dirt.

7. The haul from a day’s digging in the dirt.  Lots of bottles and jars dating from the 1930’s and 40’s we think. Yes, that is a spoon with a broken glass eye on it….eek!

Isn’t it amazing what you find when you look carefully!

Happy Monday x



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