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Weekly photos Oct 21








Last week was  a lovely Autumn week, blue skies, sun out and a chill in the air.  Gloves needed in the mornings to walk to school and catching falling leaves on the way.

Halloween is around the next corner and November through the next door.

Photos are:

1.  A popped seed pod on the trail, spotted on the way home from school and snapped with the iPhone using Camera+.

2.  Shirts on the line.

3.  Bodhi took this of me at the park.  Taken on the phone and messed about with in Camera+.

4.  Making flavoured salts.

5.  Crazy spinner at the park.  The kids hold on and it spins around until they let go and wobble off across the field!

6.  Brothers.

7.  Changing trees.

I link up with The Beetle Shack for the Weekly Stills posts.  Pop over and see the others, there are some great photos.

This week I am planning the third grade Halloween party, making chilli, jewels and planning a scarf design.  What are you up to?  Whatever it is, enjoy!

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