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4/52 Weekly Photos

February is only a week away.  Phew hold onto 2014, it is flying by!  Are you managing to keep up? I am keeping up with a few new things which I am pleased about.

A new thing I found over at Hula Seventy was the weekly colour photo join-in-along with Xanthe.   Last week was Red, so here are my red photos.  I like red as a highlight colour, red boots, red bracelet or red hair, not so much an all over colour.

I don’t like red pens at all, not even as a method of highlighting.  I will only use a red pen if I need to draw a red something, a poppy or a heart.  Never never never for writing or communicating, too aggressive on the page for my liking. Maybe too much of a flashback from school homework marking, red pen all over the place.  Positive or negative, all red pen.  Green pens would have been be a way more pleasant way to communicate especially on kids homework.  I wonder if I would reject all green pens if that was the case?

Anyway, want to see my red photos?  Here they are, a combination of iPhone photos and some taken with my Canon DSLR.

The rest of the week’s photos consist of distractions, jewelry, sunsets and a cool old cake tin.  The weather was all cold/freezing/cold/freezing/cold/warm/polar bear, and that is why I am not a weather forecaster.

I took some photos of CatsEatDogs jewelry and I am adding it to my Etsy shop as we speak.







How was your week?  Excellent in all things I hope.  This week, I am going to make some jewellery and read some magazines (I have a pile of Frankie, Women’s Health and Mollie Makes to get through).  Photos will be taken and blog posts written.  See you then!


  1. I love the cactus and the paper cranes! Those are my favorites of the week. What’s in the cans, with the little boy on the front? They look like Japanese pop or something.

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