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Through The Lens Thursday 19. Dream.

Dream.  A photograph of a dream?  Following a dream?  Dreaming?  What to take?
Then, on the walk back from school, I spotted a circle of mushrooms on the path through the woods. Don’t we all dream there will be a crowd of fairies in every ring of mushrooms or toadstools we see?  I do!
Alas, if there were any fairies present here, I missed them.  I had to clear away a few leaves and get down almost on the ground to get this shot, so I feel certain I would have spotted any.
I know, I know, I was in the middle of the woods crouched on the ground photographing mushrooms!  All the time hoping that no-one would walk by!!
Do you take photos all over the place? Are you bothered if anyone thinks you are a nut? I am pretty self conscious to be honest and looking a fool is not my top priority. Having said that, if I want the picture, I can usually summon up some courage from somewhere.  So there I was, on the ground, fairy eye level with the mushrooms, but sadly no fairies.

20140508-125856.jpgI didn’t crop this photo but I did add the ‘Bueno’ finish in PS Express on the iPad.  The original photo was taken with the following numbers which are meaning more to me each time I use my camera – ISO 200, f/4.0 and 1/40s.  Find all of the Through the Lens Thursday info here, it’s not too late to join in.

I love taking photos, do you?


  1. oh yeah i’m totally one of those nuts 🙂 I had one lady who thought I was vomiting when i was lying in a park early one sunday morning. No vomiting, just taking snaps of pinecones.

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