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The August break, joining in with film photos.

Minolta 35mm camera
I am joining in with Susannah Conway this year again and taking a photo a day for The August Break. There are daily prompts which can be taken on whichever camera you may choose. I am lucky enough to have a Minolta 35mm camera from 1980 something, so I am planning to take each photo with that. So unless I also take a digital picture too, I won’t be posting everyday until I get the film developed.
Hopefully I will snap other photos with my camera along the way, and use up the film so that I can get them printed a couple of times during August and see what I came up with.
Will I get a serious case of ‘fear of missing out’ if I don’t post an Instagram August Break picture daily? Maybe, but I think I will just stick to the film camera and see how they come out. Hopefully not all out of focus or wrongly exposed.
Just think, this is how we took all photos only a few years ago, no looking at the picture immediately to check it. No taking 20 photos of the same thing (unless you had a lot of film available!). What a film camera does give you is that gift of the photo you didn’t expect, the photo you had forgotten you had taken or the one which came out differently to how you planned it.
And of course, you have them in your hand, to flick through, pass around and enjoy. I like to look at photos on a phone or iPad, but I love to look at them printed on good ole fashioned paper and store them in an album for future browsing.
So, I shall be taking a photo a day for The August Break and showing them in blog posts as and when I get them printed. Fingers crossed for focus and success and pleasant surprises.

Are you joining in with The August Break?  Do you do any other photo a day things?


  1. Very cool (hipster, even!) to be taking photos with an actual film camera, Clare. Look forward to seeing what you come up with (all in good time of course). Hope you don’t get FOMO, but I think it will be more than made up for by those lovely printed pics you’ll have to pass around and put in your album at the end of it 🙂 x

    • I just hope they come out Isabel, I took photos of bubbles today and I have no idea if I captured any of them!!!

  2. I am doing #realityaday during August – where you take photos of crappy stuff to inject some reality into otherwise picture perfect insta and Facebook feeds 🙂

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